Tips to Achieve a Healthy Lawn


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Tips To Achieve A Healthy Lawn

Achieving a healthy lawn incorporates things like removing weeds, dethatching, aerating, seeding, and feeding. In addition to those efforts, it is important to keep certain things in mind when mowing your grass. How you mow has a huge impact on the health of your lawn. If the grass is not mown properly, all your other efforts to achieve a healthy lawn could go to waste.

Mowing the grass to an improper height, mowing with dull blades, and not changing the pattern of your cut are things that can cause damage to your grass and take away from its overall appearance. Following are some key tips regarding how to mow your lawn.

Tips on How to Mow Your Lawn:

  1. Do not mow with dull blades. Proper blade height is crucial. Mowing with dull blades can rip your grass, making them susceptible to disease and insects. Keep your blades sharp. Sharpen your blades every 3 to 4 months if your lawn is ½ acre or less in size.
  2. Cut the grass at the proper height. Mowing a lawn too short can cause stress and create an ideal environment for weeds to grow. It can cause all kinds of long-term negative effects, too. Cutting the grass at too tall of a height looks unsightly.
  3. Alternate your mowing pattern. Change up the pattern each time you cut your grass (horizontal, vertical, diagonal). Doing so will help keep from creating ruts in the lawn.

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