Aeration & Seeding Services

Our core aeration removes the thatch and gets oxygen and nutrients to the roots so they grow deeper. This strengthens your lawn making it rich, fuller and thicker. We can also seed your lawn and will discuss options about local grasses that work well in our area.

Fall is the best time for aeration and seeding particularly September and October. So avoid disease, parched roots, and a dull yard by having proper aeration and seeding for a happy lawn!

Lawn Aeration Benefits


Aeration is the process of making holes or plugs, called “cores,” with a core aerator machine. This allows more oxygen, water and nutrients to reach the grass root zone. Alleviating the compacted soil and lawn growth helps in stressful situations such as drought or high heat.

Grasses will die out completely without the proper oxygen, water and nutrients. Regular lawn maintenance and focus to the condition of your soil and grass goes a long way in creating a happy and healthy lawn.

Seeding (Overseeding)

When most refer to aerating and seeding a lawn, they are talking about overseeding. Overseeding is the process of planting grass seed into an existing lawn. It is done to improve the density of the lawn, further establish a certain grass variety, fill in bare spots and improve overall appearance.

There is an ideal timing associated with when best to seed after aeration. If you are looking at a bare or thinned out yard, your lawn may benefit from some overseeding efforts.

Lawn Aeration and Seeding, Chesapeake, Virginia
Lawn Aeration in the Fall

Fall Aeration

Fall is the best time for aeration and seeding particularly September and October. Aerating in the fall prepares your grass for the spring growth spurt. This is the best time of the year because aerating during spring can help weeds to germinate, and during fall the weed growth will be minimal.

If you miss fall aeration, spring is another great time to aerate.

Client Testimonials

Budget Cuts has been servicing our property for over a year now. They have made a very positive impact on our lawn and bushes. I was very impressed with the open line of communication and best of all has fair pricing! I am positive that if you choose them you will not be disappointed. Highly recommend!

Eric L.

Very professional and totally satisfied with the aerating service I received. Looking forward to doing additional business with Budget Cuts.

Willie E.

They cleaned up my flower bed and put down new mulch. It looks fantastic! The cost was much better than my other comparisons in the area. I’ll definitely be using their services again next year. I would highly recommend this company.

LaVonne H.

I highly recommend Budget Cuts for all of your yard care needs. Terry and Rafael are hard workers who take great pride in the results of their labors. Since hiring this company, our yard brings daily compliments from neighbors walking by. Budget Cuts truly provides quality service at reasonable rates.

Sharon S.

Terry Hess is awesome! He has an eye for detail. I’m so glad I found his company and highly recommended him!

Mary M.

Terry does an amazing job with our yard every time we see him! Very fast and efficient and just a super nice guy all around. We can always count on him to do a great job no matter how tough the task is!

Kathy H.

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