Our Services

We offer commercial and residential services in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk.
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Our Services

We offer commercial and residential services in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk.
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Our Outdoor Services

If you need yard maintenance done, we offer a variety of spring and fall lawn care services for residents in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. We can spruce up not only your lawn, but driveway, patios and porches as well. Let Budget Cuts bring back the beauty of your lawn.

Regularly Scheduled Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Healthy grass and shrubbery can transform a property. The correct grass height prevents issues like bald spots and weed growth. Trimming calls for knowing how much and the right seasons for our area. Our team has over 10 years of lawn and garden care experience and grooming shrubs of all shapes and sizes. 

We offer weekly and bi-weekly lawn and garden care service. It’s important for your lawn’s health to be consistent. It’s a gift to your lawn that gives back, and a gift to your budget in the long run.

In our area, the lawn and garden care season usually begins in March and ends in November. The season’s beginning and end needs less cuts and more in the middle. We will keep your yard looking good with the proper amount of visits in our lawn and garden season.

Each visit includes lawn mowing, edging front walks and curbs, picking up trash, and blowing to ensure your lawn keeps that polished and trimmed look through the season.


Aeration and Seeding

Our core aeration removes the thatch and gets oxygen, nutrients, and fertilizers to the roots so they grow deeper. This strengthens your lawn making it rich, fuller and thicker. We can also seed your lawn and will discuss options about local grasses that work well in our area. 

Fall is the best time for aeration and seeding particularly September and October.  So avoid disease, parched roots, and a dull yard by having proper aeration and seeding for a happy lawn!


Mulch, Stone, Topsoil, or Sand Installation

Granted, new planting’s can breathe life into your lawn and garden, but mulch or stone can do the same and better. Even a simple combination of these can add so much interest. 

Our Budget Cuts lawn and garden care service provides you with a full variety of mulch or stone. The styles and colors you choose have lots of benefits besides giving you a beautiful landscape. 

Is it just for looks? How does it help? Should I use mulch or stone? What style and color? What are the differences I need to consider?

There are more things to consider than just the “look”. We can share our knowledge and experience so you can pick the perfect materials for your lawn and garden and enjoy it for the long run. 

One of the main reasons to use mulch is weed control. Weeds thrive in lawns and gardens if not attended to. Both mulch and rock are great tools to slow down weed growth and keep maintenance time short. 

A solid layer of mulch or stone also promotes and protects new seed and plant growth. Seeds are delicate in their first stage of putting roots down. They need protection from rain, wind, and the adorable wildlife in our area. A quality bark mulch can provide that. 

Here are more reasons to mulch:

  • Mulch improves soil nutrients as it decomposes
  • Keep it simple or mix it up to create decorative patterns
  • Creates and compliments spaces for activities
  • Invites the right little creatures that aerate and enrich the soil
  • Improves drainage by channeling run off water
  • Fights soil erosion
  • Variety of colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from

Right now is a great time to schedule a free estimate and get ready for warmer weather. 

Prefer a DIY project? We can deliver any of these materials to get you started. And without making a mess on your lawn or driveway. 

Please allow us the opportunity to serve you. You’ll love the results that making the smartest choices will bring.


Leaf, Debris, or Junk Removal

Want to unload junk from your residence or commercial property? Let us get rid of your  garage full of junk, storage bin, your whole office or even a single item. Don’t touch a thing, just point. 

Budget Cuts junk removal is the solution for all your junk removal needs. Here is a list of  some of the tasks we can do along with whatever your needs are.

  • Take away curbside yard waste
  • Leaf and debris removal
  • Appliance removal
  • Attic or basement cleanup
  • Garage clean out
  • Furniture removal
  • Emptying storage units or offices
  • Haul large single items away

Have a project you’re working on? Let Budget Cuts take the stress out of it by hauling all of your junk away. Just lean back and relax – we’ve got your “back”. 


Shrub and Bush Trimming

Beautiful shrubbery can transform a property. Trimming calls for knowing how much to trim and in the right season. Our team has over 10 years of experience grooming shrubs of all shapes and sizes.

Spring Cleanup

When winter is over, you need a good cleaning of your lawn for sunny summer days. Spring lawn and garden care service from Budget Cuts understands the environment of our area. As it gets warmer and the flowers bloom, we’ll make sure your lawn stays vibrant and green with the following spring clean-up.

  • Pull out any early weeds. 
  • Lay down some healthy fertilizer.
  • Clean up around plants, beds, and boarders.
  • Prune away and pick up dead and damaged branches.
  • Prep needy lawn areas for spring seeding.
  • Cleaning up any hard surfaces including driveways.
  • Carry away yard waste.

Have something else in mind? We’re happy to get the jump on whatever extra work you want us to do.

Fall Cleanup 

Summer was great and the crisp air of Fall is coming. Our Fall lawn and garden care service will get your yard ready for the cooler temperatures of Fall, Winter hibernation, and a healthy head start for Spring. 

We offer the following Fall cleanup services to keep your lawn on track during bleak winter weather. 

  • Collect and remove leaves. 
  • Remove dead annuals and weeds before they seed.
  • Cut back perennials and other plants that could promote pest infestation.
  • Clear any other debris
  • Aeration, seeding, and fertilizing.
  • Total mulching of your lawn.

We offer the same flexibility as in Spring. We love to roll up our sleeves for any extra work you would like us to do to get your yard ready for fun Fall activities!


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